Welcome Message

IIHA President Mila Tejamaya, MOHS, PhD

Our warmest greetings to all IIHA members, HSE practitioners, academicians, students, and stakeholders.

Amidst this global pandemic, HSE practitioners from all corners of the world play a very crucial role to deal with various matters caused by this situation. IIHA pledges to assist HSE practitioners by providing continuous support in protecting workers’ health, mitigating the pandemic, and preparing for a ‘new normal’. Therefore, we have organized this event, even though, unlike previous IIHA Connects, it will be held online. However, despite not being able to meet face-to-face, we strongly believe that this will not diminish the benefits or knowledge which will be shared during the event.

Our upmost gratitude for all IIHA members, IOHA, and all our sponsors for their continuous support. Wishing health, safety and well-being for all of us and our family.

See you in the 5th IIHA Connect 2020 on the 27th June 2020.